Monday, October 3, 2016

Debugging Touch Events on the Desktop

It can be a pain in the behind to debug touch events when developing your web application on the desktop. But I found this great setting in Chrome that makes it a whole lot easier. Just put this into the browser:


If you set the value to "enabled" it will then emulate touch events whenever you are emulating a touch device. How do you emulate a touch device, you ask?

To emulate a touch device open up developer tool (F12) and click on the "Toggle Device Toolbar" button. At the time of this writing it's in the upper left corner of the window (it seems to move around with each new release so you may have to hunt for it).

When you turn this feature on it shows how the web page would look on that device, allows you to rotate the device, and allows you to choose from multiple devices including iPhone and Nexus or even define your own device.

When you have both of these features enabled you will start getting touch events instead of mouse events. To switch back to mouse events just turn device emulation off. You can leave the touch-events flag on, it won't hurt anything.

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